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General Care & Cleaning Instructions

Before attempting to clean your shower glass, review these important tips first:
Check the label of the cleaning product before applying to your shower glass. Some cleaners can leave a hazy film on the door?s surface that you may never be able to remove. Follow manufacturer?s recommendations for product use. If the label does not specifically say for use on glass, do not use. Test cleaning product on a discreet area before applying product to entire surface. Always use a soft sponge or cloth. Don?t use abrasive materials. Even paper towels can leave small scratches on the surface of the glass. Rinse surfaces completely with water after applying cleaning product, so as to avoid any build up.

Some suggestions in preventing hard water and soap deposits from building up:
Use a squeegee after each shower. Wipe shower doors dry of all water after each use. Use liquid soap or shower gel instead of bar soap. Use glycerin based soap if a bar soap is preferred. Rain-X® or a similar product may be applied periodically. However, these products should not be used on ShowerGuard® or glass that has been coated with a permanent protection coating.

Cleaning Instructions for ShowerGuard® Glass
ShowerGuard's patented technology helps keep minerals, scale and soap scum from sticking. A soft cloth or wet sponge and most common household cleaners are all you need for periodic maintenance.

Approved products for cleaning the ShowerGuard coated surface:
Arm & Hammer® Clean Shower® Comet® Bathroom Cleaner with Disinfectant
•  Fantastik® Antibacterial Heavy Duty Cleaner
•  Invisible Glass® Premium Glass Cleaner
•  Kaboom® Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner
•  Lime-a-Way Bathroom Cleaner
•  Lysol® Basin, Tub & Tile Cleaner
•  Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser®
•  Scrubbing Bubbles® Soap Scum Remover with Orange Action®
•  Seventh Generation? Shower Cleaner
•  Soft Scrub® Lemon Cleanser
•  Soft Scrub® with Bleach Cleanser
•  Tilex® Fresh Shower®
•  Tilex® Soap Scum Remover
•  Vim® Cream Cleanser
•  Vinegar, common household
•  Windex®

A clean water rinse should follow the use of any of these products. Please follow the manufacturer?s printed instructions for the products listed above. Note that some cleaning products may not be safe on uncoated glass surfaces, metal, tile, marble, brass or other materials.
Immediately remove any construction/installation materials, such as concrete, silicone, paint, labels, or tape. Avoid abrasive cleaners (such as Ajax, Comet, rouge, cerium oxide). Hydrofluoric and phosphoric acid are corrosive to the coating and glass surfaces and should not be used. Do not use abrasive brushes, razor blades or other sharp objects which may scratch the coating or glass.

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